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screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-5-39-16-pmMr. Mawdo Amadou Jallow ARC Government Coordinator for the Gambia

Mr. Mawdo Amadou Jallow has been the ARC Government Coordinator for The Gambia since June 2014. In this capacity, he is in charge of coordinating the customization process of Africa RiskView, the development of an ARC Contingency Plan and the implementation of the ARC at country level. Since 2009, Amadou has been employed by the National Disaster Management Agency, where he has served as the Regional Coordinator in the Upper River Region. He also previously served as Youth Coordinator at the Ministry of Youth and Sports for sixteen years. He has vast experience in emergency preparedness, emergency response, coordination and monitoring and evaluation. Amadou holds a diploma from the University of Ghana in Youth in Development Work. He is fluent in both English and French.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-5-39-07-pmMr. Valerian Micheni ARC Government Coordinator for Kenya

Mr. Valerian Micheni has been the ARC Government Coordinator for Kenya since October 2012. He is responsible for the in-country Africa RiskView customization process and the implementation of the ARC pre-participation programme. Valerian previously worked as a Drought Information Manager in the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) in Kenya. Prior to that, he worked as a Drought Management Officer in the NDMA and as a Data Analyst for the Arid Lands Resource Management Project. Valerian has been involved in developing and running the drought early warning system in Kenya as well as food security assessments and surveys for various livelihoods in Kenya.  He has vast experience with various GIS and remote sensing technologies for drought early warning systems. Valerian holds a BSc in Natural Resources Management from Egerton University, Kenya and an MA in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-5-39-03-pmHastings Mfitizalimba Ngoma ARC Government Coordinator for Malawi

Hastings is the ARC Government Coordinator for Malawi since October 2012. In this capacity, he is responsible for managing the in-country processes. Prior, he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security  as an Economist in the Risk Management Department, where he took a leading role in implementation of market based risk management instruments, such as Index Based Crop Insurance programs, Macro Derivatives programs as well as the Micro Weather Index Insurance program. Hastings  also worked as Assistant Deputy ASWAp Coordinator, a prioritised and harmonised investment plan for the agriculture sector. The ASWAp is implemented using government's existing structures as opposed to projects and programs . He has vast experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of both programme and project. He holds  BSc in  Agriculture from University of Malawi, and an MSc in  Macroeconomic Policy for Development  from the University of Bradford, UK.

Massamba Diop ARC Government Coordinator for Senegal

Français: Monsieur Massamba DIOP est le coordinateur gouvernemental du projet de la mutuelle panafricaine de gestion des risques depuis décembre 2012. Il dirige l'équipe gouvernementale chargée de la personnalisation du logiciel Africa RiskView et de la mise en œuvre du projet au Sénégal. Auparavant, Monsieur DIOP représentait son pays à toutes les rencontres préparatoires de la création de l'ARC, en tant qu'expert gouvernemental du fait de son expérience dans le domaine de la sécurité alimentaire. En effet, depuis juin 2005, il est en service au Commissariat à la Sécurité Alimentaire et a participé à la préparation et à la gestion de plusieurs crises alimentaires au Sénégal. Diplômé du Centre de formation des Formateurs de GUERINA, Monsieur DIOP est aussi titulaire d'une maitrise en gestion, d'un DESS en Audit au Centre Africain d'Etudes Supérieures en Gestion (CESAG) et d'un MBA à l'Université Paris-Dauphine en France. Il parle le wolof et le français. English: Mr. Massamba Diop has been the ARC Government Coordinator for Senegal since December 2012. In this capacity, he is in charge of customization process of Africa RiskView and the implementation of the ARC in Senegal. He also represented Senegal in all consultations concerning the creation of ARC, including expert governmental meetings, which drew on his knowledge of food security in the country. Since 2005, he has been employed by the Food Security Commission of the Government of Senegal and has participated in the preparation for and management of several food security crises in Senegal. He received his degree from the Training Center of GUERINA; Massamba also holds degrees in management, auditing, and an MBA from the University of Paris-Dauphine in France. He is fluent in Wolof and French.

Mr. Hien Sitegne ARC Government Coordinator for Burkina Faso

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Ms. Dicko Bassa Diane ARC Government Coordinator for Mali

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Mr. Moustapha Abdallahi ARC Government Coordinator for Mauritania

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Mr. Hassanti Oumar Chaib ARC Government Coordinator for Chad

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Bako Yacouba ARC Government Coordinator for Niger

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