ARC Member States

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ARC is led by 35 African Union Member States responsible for setting the direction of the organisation's Disaster Risk Management research and policy, and have access ARC’s Disaster Risk Management tools services, including the Africa RiskView software, the ARC Capacity Building Programme, and ARC Ltd’s risk transfer services. There are ongoing efforts and ensure that more countries sign up to support this mechanism and endorse it as Africa's solution to the growing threats of natural disasters.

AU Member States that sign the ARC Establishment Agreement become ARC Member States and are eligible to participate in and benefit from ARC’s disaster risk management facilities, as well as contribute to the governance of ARC through the Conference of Parties.

ARC Member States

Benin Guinea Nigeria
Burkina Faso Guinea Bissau Republic of Congo
Burundi Kenya Rwanda
Central African Republic Lesotho Sahwari Arab Democratic Republic
Chad Liberia Sao Tome & Principe
Comoros Libya Senegal
Cote d’Ivoire Madagascar Sierra Leone
Djibouti Malawi Somalia
Gabon Mali Sudan
The Gambia Mauritania Togo
Ghana Mozambique Zambia
  Niger Zimbabwe

ARC interacts with its Member States through a country engagement process that spans from introducing disaster risk financing concepts to insuring a country’s climate risks. Discover more about: